Magic Lemon Pie

I suggest you put some magic in your kitchen with this magic lemon pie ! If you follow this blog, you probably already know the magic cake : with one preparation, we get 3 layers after cooking.
I propose here a tart version of this famous magic cake!

Why magic ? And because from a single preparation, we get 3 layers once the cake is cooked:
  • blank (below)
  • cream (in the middle)
  • sponge cake (at the top)
In the case of a pie , we even have 4 layers, since we have the pie dough all the way down
This recipe is very easy to do, but you must really respect the different rules that I will give you as and when the recipe (even if our pastry habits would push us to go against!).
I advise you to go a little in advance because it will leave the pie at least 2 hours in the fridge for the cream freezes (mine was limited).
This plus 1 h10 of cooking, it’s almost half a day.
You can prepare it the day before if you wish and keep it in the fridge. But for the meringue to be optimal it is better to do it at the last moment if possible.

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